Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is it possible for men to fall in love with a woman after a one night stand?

Sometimes I hear that once a man goes in, it is a one night and nothing more but some say they fall in love afterwards. Why is it that men fall in love afterwards? Also why does the same thing happens with women?|||yes!|||I believe it is possible to fall in love at first sight.

Part might have a scientific explanation: we produce pheromones, and there is a little pit in our noses that detects these. We all have specific groupings of chemicals we really like, and this is why we often like someone who may not be our preferred physical type, and dislike those who are. We are attracted by the chemistry between us!

Or, love is just one of those things we really do not understand. What makes some people fall madly in love, only to hate each other in a year, while others stay together their whole lives? What makes some people love each other from the first moment they lock eyes, to others that know each other for 10 years, only to suddenly realize that they love each other?

So, yes it is possible. Not common, perhaps, but possible.

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